26th May 2022

AIA Double Trio Tea Party Challenge at Atmosphere 360

Be Part of the Next Generation Leader Community now! 

23th May 2022

Having Hybrid Monday Morning Meeting with our Head of Human Resource!

15th May 2022

RHB Mortgage Loan Training & APAM PRS Training

12th May 2022

CA Monthly Challenge

April Winner Group: Charlie Angel

May 2nd Week Pairing Contest Winner : Sofi

12th May 2022

Having 1st SB Meeting after RAYA 2022!

26th April 2022

Short Snippet from Previous Meeting

21th April 2022

Appreciation Lunch with Champion Group

2022 Q1 Champion – having Appreciation Lunch at JR Square.


12th April 2022

Best Group of 1st Quarter 2022

2022 1st Quarter Champion Group (Cash Award)


28th March 2022

100 Days Challenge

How To Achieve Any Goal In 100 Days Or Less | Gary Ryan Blair

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