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We set to be the preferred financial planning organization for our clients & We also open up opportunities for success to our members.


To be the leading organization in the industry in the following areas : –
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Company Background

Coach Associates (CoA) is an established Financial Planner group since 2013 with more than 1,000 clientele to-date.

As an established Financial Planner, we emphasize in giving rising requirement by our valued CoA Clients to achieve financial success and freedom, CoA was formed on March 08, 2018 to provide Lifetime Comprehensive Financial Planning (LCFP) to individuals and corporations.

We are delighted to see many of our clients achieving their financial goals in the core areas of investment, life & health protection, children education, retirement income, estate planning, property investment and other business solutions such as bank loans, legal services and others by adopting our Lifetime Comprehensive Financial Planning via close working relationship with our business partners.

CoA's Strategy


Coach Associates ensure you to make the right financial decision & achieve your financial goal in an easy way.


Coach Associates' tailor-made LCFP can counter all the financial questions & help you to realize your financial goals.




We provides our tailor-made LCFP that can answer to all these questions & help you realize your financial goals

  1. Wealth Management Plan (WMP) : The objective of WMP is to achieve better and above industry average returns for all your assets classes, improve liquidity & minimize unnecessary investment risk by evaluating our client investment objective, background & risk profile, given the client’s present investment portfolio & returns. This is to be achieved through our tailor-made LCFP by capitalizing on local & international investment opportunities to maximize returns & minimize risks in managing equity, currency deposits, fixed deposits, bonds, unit trusts, properties and etc.

  2. Financial Security & Protection Plan (FSPP) : The objective is to achieve comprehensive & peace of mind protection for our client, family & company against the 4 major hazards a) premature death b) long term total disability c) major medical crisis d) property & assets via our tailor-made LCFP.

  3. Children Education Plan (CEP) : Our LCFP can help client to determine for each child the ways & when to achieve the desired education fund by taking into account of the inflation & rising living expenses so when your children are ready for university education, the funds are available as well.

  4. Retirement Income Plan (RIP) : Our LCFP can help to determine your retirement age & when to achieve the desired retirement income by taking into account of the inflation & rising living expenses. In this perspective, you can better plan for and enjoy your retirement with sufficient retirement funds and income.

  5. Estate Planning (EP) : Our LCFP will ensure all your inheritance being equally pass down to your beneficiary by working closely with our lawyer to advice you on assets & properties ownership, trusts, will and the desired distribution of your assets.

  6. Properties Investment Plan (PIP) : Our LCFP will provide timely & quality advises in facilitating your properties investment decision by working closely with our property & bank partners.

  7. Taxation Plan – Coming Soon : Our LCFP will assist in minimizing individual & corporation taxation by working closely with licensed tax agent.

  8. Other Business Solutions – Coming Soon : Our LCFP will also facilitate bank loans, IPO, legal services, audit & accounting services, if required.

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